Course curriculum

    1. Introduction from Bruce

    1. Quick recap of what percentages are and how they work, with a few examples

    2. Quiz on the first few examples

    3. Dealing with VAT: adding and removing VAT from a price

    4. VAT Quiz

    5. Percentage change: share prices, asset prices, house prices and more

    6. Percentage change quiz

    7. Compound interest

    8. Compound interest quiz

    9. Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR)

    10. CAGR Quiz

    11. Discount rate, lump sum awards, Ogden tables

    12. Discount rate quiz

    1. Fat chance? An introduction to using probability.

    2. Probability basics: quiz

    3. Probability in real life

    4. Probability in real life: quiz

    5. Beware the Ludic Fallacy!

    6. Calculating expected value

    7. Expected value quiz

    8. Bayesian thinking

    9. Bayes theorem quiz

    1. Statistical significance - what even is it?

    2. Statistical Significance quiz

    1. Valuations overview

    2. Valuations quiz

    1. Introduction to this chapter

    2. What is a Balance Sheet? What is a P&L?

    3. P&L overview

    4. Balance Sheet overview

    5. UK vs US Balance Sheet Format

    6. Reviewing a set of accounts - what to look for

    7. Company Accounts Quiz

About this course

  • £100.00
  • 41 lessons
  • 3 hours of video content
  • Money back guarantee: if you complete the course and think it wasn't worth the money, let me know and I will refund you, no problem at all.

Become as comfortable with numbers as you are with words

About the tutor: I'm Bruce Greig, and I am a commercial mediator. I previously built two businesses from start-up to sale. So I have met a lot of lawyers, and I have noticed that many lawyers are not confident with maths. In 2020, I started doing a live maths course for lawyers over Zoom. I have carefully reworked the material from those live zoom lessons into the series of videos and exercises that make up this course.

Money back guarantee

  • 100%

    Money back guarantee if you complete the course but think it wasn't worth the money.

What others say about my live Maths for Smart Lawyers sessions

“I thought I'd engage in some home-schooling for myself and I was not disappointed. Maths, probabilities and spreadsheets should form part of lawyers' training.”

HE, Former President of the London Solicitors Litigation Association

“Never liked double maths at school but two hours with Bruce flashed by. Entertaining, informative, useful.”

SW, Solicitor & Mediator

“Many thanks Bruce for a most useful and enjoyable session.”

JQ, Data Protection Solicitor

About your tutor

Bruce Greig

I started life as a management consultant, fresh out of Oxbridge, where I learned to pilot a spreadsheet at breakneck speed. I've spent twenty years building businesses, so I'm very comfortable dealing with all sorts of accounting issues. I now practise as an accredited commercial mediator, so I have a solid ground of legal knowledge. People tell me that I'm very good at explaining things.